About Us

The Oregon Printers Story

Two Portland Firefighters started Oregon Printers in 1938. They decided to start the printing company to have something to do on their days off. Oregon Printers continued to be owned by two more generations of Portland firefighters and their families until 1992. In 1992, they sold Oregon Printers to Richard and Connie Lytle. But in 1995, Richard was recruited by an out-of-state Commercial Printer to run a large printing company in California. The family packed up and moved to sunny California and closed Oregon Printers doors. After 57 years, the presses at Oregon Printers went silent.

But 15 years later Richard and Connie returned to their home state of Oregon in 2010. Richard joined the Team at Lithtex Printing in Hillsboro to help Les Davis grow his company. As Lithtex Printing looked into expanded its reach into the online printing market, Les saw national and international online printers providing services that took the work out of state and away from the community he wanted to support. Les wanted a locally owned online printing source to offer the local print buyers.  Les wanted to have a local Oregon feel and name for this new online print solution and when Richard said Oregon Printers, his old company name was available it was chosen. So now, 25 years later, Oregon Printers has come back to life, as one of the Lithtex Printing family of companies. Its specialty is to provide the state of Oregon with a local, on-line, full-service printing solution. Don’t tell anybody but we would print for those out of state buyers also.

Welcome to Oregon Printers – Your local on-line printer!